Monday, May 6, 2013

Sewing Failures

Failures. They teach us what we shouldn't do the next time we're in the same situation. But that moment when you realize you've done something wrong and your stomach starts to turn into a tight knot, it doesn't feel like a teaching moment. This goes for all sorts of failures, even those that involve sewing.

As I embark on my journey to start sewing more often, I know that I will get into situations where my sewing machine will stop abruptly and where I will shout an obscenity. Thank goodness my machine is in a separate room.Sometimes it's because we weren't paying attention and sometimes, like Lisa of Polka Dot Cottage stated, it's pure laziness.

No matter how many mistakes I make, or if my first quilt comes out looking like a well used rug belonging to a wild animal, I'll learn and move on to making quilts that more closely resemble a blanket.

Read up on Lisa's sewing mistake here and if you know anyone who could help with her pattern dilemma, let her know!


  1. Thanks for passing along my post! I'm happy to report that I shook off my laziness, adjusted the pattern as I should have from the start, and now I have three successful new tops :-)

    1. Yeah, I read that post! You looked great in the multi colored blocks print! I've followed your blog for quite a while and am excited that you responded! You're an inspiration with all your projects!