Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My First Quilt: Fabric Decision

For the past few days we've been waiting onthe results of our polls for which style I should make my first quilt in! Drum Roll Please! The style of quilt will be: Floral! Thanks to everyone who voted on our Facebook page!

I decided to go a bit modern with it and chose three different fabrics. One of the solids is the Kona Baby Pink Solid and the other is the Honeydew Solid, both by Robert Kaufman. The floral is the Pink and Khaki Daisies. These will be sewn in strips rather than squares to make it easier on me. I will also do a wave pattern going down. I'm really excited but kind of nervous too! What if I mess up?!

I guess that's what seam rippers are for. I bet there will be mistakes but I just have to keep telling myself that it's a learning process and that maybe the next one will be easier. Hopefully!

I also recieved a great pattern from Hemma Designs! You should check out the available collections, they are all quite lovely.

Do you have any tips for a novice quilter? What mistakes did you make on your first quilt? Do you still have it? Let me know and if you send photos, I can feature your first quilt alongside mine! You can also share the photos with us on our Facebook page or Twitter.



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