Friday, August 1, 2014

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Almost No-Sew Fabric Flowers Tutorials

Fabric flowers are fun craft projects to do. They are beautiful embellishments for wreaths, headbands, hair accessories, jewelry, corsages, and many more. Make the flowers bloom all year round by making these simple and easy fabric flowers featured below.

These rosettes from are just fabulous. A single piece may seem complicated to do but when you get to watch the Fabric Flower Tutorial from the website, you will get amazed at how easy it is to do. You only need a glue gun and strips of fabric.

These dainty chiffon flowers from are great for making vintage headbands. A gray, black, and white version of this would look elegant. The photo shows an easy step-by-step guide but you can check out the full post on Bejewelled Flower Headband Tutorial.

Here's another no-sew fabric flower craft from The fabric flowers are made into a bib necklace and the project turned out lovely. Check out the Pom Pom Bib Necklace Tutorial and make one for yourself.

If you have an overflowing stash of leftover fabric, you can make this adorable fabric flower from and use it as an embellishment to your other craft projects. Cut strips of fabric (length is equal to the diameter of the flower), create a crisscross pattern, secure the middle with a few stitches, then add a button. Here's the tutorial: Scrap-busting Fabric Flower.

We love this Pansy and Dahlia Fabric Flower Tutorial from It needs a bit of stitching and cutting. This frilly flower would make a great accent to a headband or a ponytail.

If you need assorted fabrics for your fabric flowers, you can check out the Weekly Fabric Deals by to get discounts.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Solid Quilts to Flare Up Your Creativity

Have you tried making an all-solid quilt? If you made at least one recently, great! If you haven't tried making solid quilts in your whole quilting career, you are missing a great deal of design possibility.

Making a quilt completely from solid fabrics may is both challenging and exciting. The word "solid" may be described as plain, simple, or even boring, but the challenge actually lies with its simplicity.

When you use printed fabrics, a new design element is automatically added. With solid fabrics as your primary element, you need to be more creative; think out of the box on how to make an interesting quilt out of solid fabrics. According to's article Solid Quilts: Painting with Patternless Fabric, making solid quilts will give you the "ability to 'paint with fabric' and have the ultimate control in the way the colors interact." compiled some fabulous all-solid quilt design ideas to serve as your solid quilting inspo. These quilts are simply stunning, you might try one of them in your future projects.

This all-solids Tutti Fruitti quilt by Ulrike Kittel makes a lovely coverlet. The rectangles and squares pattern and the choice of bold colors creates an almost psychedelic effect. Check out Ulrike Kittel's photostream on for more photos of the quilt.

Riot of Color Quilt from The quilter used textured solid fabrics in subtle color shades. This quilt can be displayed as a wall mural. You may check out Etsy shop quiltsbydesign for more gorgeous and high-quality quilts.

Look how cute this animal quilt from is! The pattern uses quarters of a circle to make animal shapes. Genius! Little children will definitely love a quilt like this.

Honeycomb Quilt by Sweet Home London. The use of triangles to make hexagonal shapes creates a fun honeycomb pattern. Happy colors make this all-solid quilt even more appealing. You can buy it this bedspread at

Stock up your stash with colored solid fabrics from Below are some of the bestsellers from the shop.
Kona Cotton Solid in Orange
Kona Cotton Solid in Ash
Kona Cotton Solid in Canary Yellow
Kona Cotton Solid in Honeydew

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Scrap Quilt Inspiration for Every Quilter

Avid quilters and sewists find it challenging and fun to create a quilt out of fabric scraps from their stash. Scrap quilting is economical and it encourages creativity. If you have piles after piles of fabric scraps, check out our hand-picked quilt inspo and start sewing your very own scrap quilt.

This simple yet lovely scrap quilt from is made up of 374 squares of fabric. The quilter used fabrics with subtle colors and different prints and textures. The fabrics somehow created an eclectic yet collected look. Check out the blog post Low Volume Scrap Quilt.

This heart-patterned quilt made from scraps of fabric from is ideal for Valentine's Day. You can also make a pink version of this for little girls. Download the Free Scrappy Four Patch Heart Quilt Pattern to start with your heart scrap quilt today. features impressive projects like this Inverted Star Pattern. You can mix and match fabric scraps or use similar shades to create stars. You can download the Inverted Star Tutorial Pattern for free if you want to get started with this kind of quilt.

If you're done with squares and corners and you want something new, take this amazing scrap quilt from as your inspiration. The busy, colorful pattern looks perfect despite looking overcrowded. You may purchase patterns and guides from KarenGriskaQuilts Etsy Shop.

This glider from is gorgeous. It looks like it can be placed anywhere and used by anyone, not just your grandmother. Check out how a boring glider was made interesting at Before & After: A "Grandma Glider".

Quilting is a rewarding craft project and here at Fabric Lovers, we value your hardwork and creativity by providing you with quality fabric selections for your quilting needs. Check out our online shop today.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Learn How to Make Beautiful Seam Finishes

Sewing is more than just stitching two pieces or two layers of fabric. As you go along, you need to learn the basics and master some intricate seam techniques to improve your sewing skills. Here are some beautiful seam finishes for your sewing pleasures.

Invisible Seam
Some sewing projects like stuffed animals use hidden stitches. Other terms for this kind of stitch is ladder stitch or invisible seam. These unseen seams are useful if you want to stitch a broken pattern or you want an invisible seam on hems and quilt edges.

Here's a video tutorial from You may also check out for a tutorial on Blind Hem Stitch.

Flat-Fell Seam
Felled seam, or flat-fell seam are overlapping seams commonly found on denims. This type of seam provides durability to secure layers of tough fabric. If you're making a tote bag, a trouser, or a jacket, and you want to make it look neat, use felled seams.

A tutorial from will help you Sew a Flat Felled Seam without a Specialty Foot.

Photo Credit:

French Seam
French seams are used for lightweight to middleweight fabric materials. They're commonly found on thin fabrics (like silk and cotton) made into dresses, blouses, and skirts. It's a useful technique because it makes both sides of the fabric look elegant.

This How To Sew a French Seam tutorial from is one of the simplest to follow, and

Photo Credit:

Pinked Seam
Have you made a plain seam finished with pinking shears? Using pinking shears prevents fabric from fraying but to make sure, use a fabric that's not prone to fraying. Pinked seams make decorative edges and they look fun.

Finishing seams with a serger also prevents fraying. Here's a combo tutorial, again from, on how to make Serger and Pinking Seam Finishing.

Photo Credit:

Hong Kong Seam Finish
Hong Kong seams look pretty and polished. They add a different dimension and a splash of color to the insides of a clothing. This seam is a little complicated compared to the previous seams because it uses bias strips of fabric to enclose the edges. It is recommended for jackets, skirts,

Here are some step-by-step Hong Kong Binding Seam Finish guide from and Hong Kong & Bound Seam from

Photo Credit:

If you're interested to watch more Sewing Video Tutorials, go to You can also SHOP from a wide range of affordable fabrics at Fabric Lovers.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Remembering Memorial Day with Fabric Wreaths

There are many ways to remember our fallen brothers and sisters on Memorial Day. For veterans and their families, it is a solemn event that needs prayer and reflection. For others, it's an annual family celebration with food and drinks. But for crafters, it's an opportunity to create new patriotic craft projects.

One simple way to let everybody know that you remember those who gave up their lives in service is to hang a wreath on your front door. Here are some DIY Memorial Day wreaths to inspire you if you're planning to make one. 

This Memorial Day wreath from is made up of Jersey fabric scraps in red, white, and blue colors. Cut up 3-inch squares and fill in a wreath form.

Here's a wreath from You may use Memorial Day inspired printed fabrics and cut them into strips. The M plate in the middle makes a great accent. 

Another from, the crafter used pinking shears for finishing fabric edges then added 3 rustic stars for decoration.

Memorial Day Grapevine Wreath by CrookedTreeCreation Etsy Shop. An Easy-peasy project. Grab a grapevine wreath, a flag (or a fabric with flag prints), raffia bunch, and a rusted metal star. has a variety of patriotic fabric that you can use for Memorial Day crafting. You may choose from plain reds, whites, and blues or from fabrics with stars, stripes, and flag prints. The samples below are perfect for inspirational quilts, buntings, throw pillows, and more. Check out the Patriotic Fabric section to view more patterns and designs.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quilting Blenders Make a Well-Balanced Fabric Stash

Whether you're new to quilting or you've been obsessed with it for years, you will need to stock up on quilt supplies to help you make quilts with ease. You surely don't want to be interrupted in the middle of your work just because you've run out of blender fabrics to fill up the gaps.

When you plan on making a quilt, you will need a fabric stash full of different prints and colors. To make the most out of your stash, you have to develop a keen eye for versatile fabrics. These versatile fabrics called quilting blenders will help you to easily connect or match different fabrics.

Quilting blenders are fabrics that blend well with other prints in a quilt. These are mostly monochromatic (though not solid in color) but a bit mottled, or have an abstract, tone on tone, or washed appearance. The photo below from is a perfect example of a blender.

This Basic Baby Quilt by used quilting blenders in green, turquoise, brown, and yellow shades aside from the main animal-printed fabric. It is a good idea to include blenders into the quilt because it makes the main fabric stand out. has a variety a quilting blenders in different shades. These blenders effectively add depth and texture to any quilting project and makes it more beautiful. The quilting blenders are currently on sale so now's the perfect time to grab them and add them to your ever growing fabric collection.

Shades of burgundys and reds for a bold statement

Oceanic Blue shades

Purple Tones for a quilt worthy of royalty

Blender fabric in Olive tones

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Different Ways to Store and Organize Fabrics

Do you have loads of extra fabric lying around, leftover fabric scraps and swatches from your previous sewing projects? You might want to start an organization system that will work with your space. If you still have no idea how to come up with your own fabric storage, here are some smart ways to keep those fabric scraps safe and ready for future use.

Why organize at all? Well, organizing your fabric stash will give you a sense of control, make you more productive (yes to more craft projects!), help you save time and money, and more importantly, clear your cluttered mind. Store all your leftover fabric from and wait for the opportune time to use them. shows us how to organize extra fabric scraps using letter holders. These letter holders not only serve as storage but a wall decor as well. Fold fabric in same sizes to display them uniformly.

We seldom use compact discs or CDs nowadays so put your CD shelf or CD cabinet to good use. You need to cut or fold fabric pieces into same sizes to fit into the shelf. This photo from features a versatile space-saving furniture.

Have you checked out the store? They offer quality storage solutions using Clip It Up mounts, bases, and extensions. This setup from is great for small cuts of fabric. You can purchase more clips from the online store to fill up the spaces.

Wire bins also make interesting storage for your fabric. shows how to organize your stash by color. Color coding and labeling are both fun ways to organize. It would be easier for you to search through layers and layers of cloth. has this DIY fabric filing that uses Pendaflex hanging folders. Cut the folders in half and hang the folder together with the fabric inside a filing cabinet. This is a great way to keep textiles neat and dust-free.

By getting your fabric stash, craft room, and the rest of your home organized, you'll be surprised to have more usable space (for more fabric). If you haven't stocked up in a long time and you're running out of fabric to use, visit for new arrivals.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break Fabric Craft Ideas

Flowers, bunnies, and eggs are significant symbols of the Spring season. If you're planning to add some Spring-inspired decors into your home, check out these fabric crafts from that you can do during the spring break.

This Fabric Easter Basket would be perfect for display. It can hold just about anything including dyed easter eggs and flowers. This project uses cotton filler cord as piping, and wrapped with fabric strips in bright pastels.

This would make an adorable Easter gift! Create stuffed carrots in green and orange colors using fabric scraps. Combine different patterns together and stuff them with cotton. Grab a stuffed bunny and attach the carrots to its belly.

Recycle your water bottles and let them be used as molds for these braided easter eggs. Find fabric scraps in pastels and springtime colors. Next, braid fabric strips and wrapped them around the mold. Place braided eggs inside a basket.

Bunny or egg? These fabric bunny eggs may seem to complicated to do but they'd definitely get the attention of your guests this Easter. The materials needed are styrofoam eggs, serrated knife, fabric squares, embroidery floss, glue, pinking shears, small hats, pom poms for nose, beads for eyes, small baskets, easter grass, small easter eggs, and ribbons and trims to decorate hat. has a wide variety of fabrics perfect for Spring. You may check out a few from the FabricLovers Shop.