Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break Fabric Craft Ideas

Flowers, bunnies, and eggs are significant symbols of the Spring season. If you're planning to add some Spring-inspired decors into your home, check out these fabric crafts from that you can do during the spring break.

This Fabric Easter Basket would be perfect for display. It can hold just about anything including dyed easter eggs and flowers. This project uses cotton filler cord as piping, and wrapped with fabric strips in bright pastels.

This would make an adorable Easter gift! Create stuffed carrots in green and orange colors using fabric scraps. Combine different patterns together and stuff them with cotton. Grab a stuffed bunny and attach the carrots to its belly.

Recycle your water bottles and let them be used as molds for these braided easter eggs. Find fabric scraps in pastels and springtime colors. Next, braid fabric strips and wrapped them around the mold. Place braided eggs inside a basket.

Bunny or egg? These fabric bunny eggs may seem to complicated to do but they'd definitely get the attention of your guests this Easter. The materials needed are styrofoam eggs, serrated knife, fabric squares, embroidery floss, glue, pinking shears, small hats, pom poms for nose, beads for eyes, small baskets, easter grass, small easter eggs, and ribbons and trims to decorate hat. has a wide variety of fabrics perfect for Spring. You may check out a few from the FabricLovers Shop.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top 10 Fun Fabric Scrap Projects to Try

Wondering what to do with piles and piles of leftover fabrics in your craft room? collected top ten amazing fabric scrap projects for you to try. These crafts with scraps of fabric are sure to awaken your resourcefulness and creativity.

This shabby-looking curtain from will look great as a wall d├ęcor or as a door curtain. All you have to do is get a curtain rod and knot fabric strips together to achieve a desired length. You may use one color with different textures or combine several colors together for a whimsical effect.

If you're keeping a stash of fabric scraps in assorted patterns and prints, why not make a map? This one from used a muslin cloth for stitching scraps together. Use different prints for each state and what you'll get is a colorful piece of art! You can also use it as a teaching tool for your kids.

Wreaths made out of scrap material, like this one from, look complicated but they're so easy to do. Buy a wreath form, cut fabric into same sizes, and glue them on. Finish it with crocheted flowers. Handmade wreaths make beautiful accents on walls and doors.

Here's another inspiring craft project from Jazz up your kids room with a mobile using scrap cloths from your previous sewing projects. The materials needed are hoops or rings, strings, felt, and pre-cut fabric. Be creative with different shapes (animals, flowers, butterflies, clouds, etc.), colors, and sizes. You can also make one for your room, you know!

Check out this interesting owl pillow from! It's made from muslin and printed with black ink. The owl's body is covered with fabric scraps, perfect for an owl themed bedroom. You can also make your own DIY pillows using some leftover scraps. teaches bookworms to take pleasure on creating their own bookmarks for their reading adventures. This one's made of two pieces of fabric strips (you may add felt as backing too), sewn around the edges and trimmed with a pinking shears. Be proud to share your finished project with your fellow bibliophiles!

Add spice to a plain wall with a wall mosaic. This fabric mosaic project from looks like a thousand bucks. Recreate this design by preparing a wooden box frame (painted white), bits of scrap fabric (choose colors which will work together), and Mod Podge. This is also a great activity for kids – let them make their own and hang it on their bedroom wall.

This fun and festive rag garland from is one cool party idea. If you're planning to throw a DIY party at home, make use of those unwanted bits of fabrics to create a frilly birthday banner. Tip: The color combination should match the theme and they should be cut into same lengths.

Old fabrics, new skirt. This oh sew pretty tutu skirt for little girls from is such a delight to make. The idea is to layer your choice of different fabrics to create a ruffled effect. Imagine the range of fabrics you can use for different themes – rock star, fairy princess, glam queen, and flower child!

These silk and bead bracelets from looks fabulous. Slide beads with big holes into silk strips, make knots on both [bead] ends to secure the beads and attach a few more small beads using jewelry wires. You can make these bracelets as gifts for friends and as party favors.

For new sewing and craft projects, you may check out for a wide selection of unique and quality fabrics in interesting prints and patterns.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hoot Hoot Hooray! Owl Theme Rooms for Kids

These odd yet adorable creatures of the night have become quite a popular theme for bedrooms and kiddie parties. The owl theme bedroom works for both boys and girls, so if princess or sports themes are too mainstream for you, it's time to give this hootin' style a try. suggests that aside from the main [owl] theme, you also need to decide on what color scheme to follow in order to set a particular mood. Do you want to create a happy, stimulating play place for your kids or you simply want to build a bedroom with a relaxing atmosphere to promote sound sleep? Bright colors create a cheerful atmosphere while darker hues give off a more serene vibe. You may also mix and match colors as you wish to create harmonic shades, following of course the rules from the color wheel.

This first inspiration from features a bright and jolly bedding set with matching curtains. The owl and tree appliques are almost everywhere, embroidered in white, lime, and turquoise cotton fabrics. It has a fun and carefree ambiance that most kids love.

Turn your little girl's room into a neat haven with soft shades of pink and green. The printed owl bedding creates an elaborate look without being too owl-verwhelming. A desk cabinet painted in green is also a cool addition to the room as it draws the feeling closer to nature. Photo from

The nursery below from is one interesting woodsy wonderland. The beautiful color palette of plums and browns has a unifying effect, thus creating a calming atmosphere. Complete the theme with tree and flower wall decals for that extra pizzazz.

Decorating your kids room requires a great deal of effort and creativity. When you're out of resources, you can add just one element and make the rest clean and simple. For example, you can focus on the bed and make it pop, just like this photo below from Make a big owl pillow, then use a printed owl fabric for the bed sheets and blanket. We suggest that you use bold and bright colored fabrics.

You can make your own bedding sets using our available owl-printed fabrics. This Bermuda Owls fabric designed by Ann Kelle is perfect for a child's quilt.

The printed Hoot Roll Call from Hooty Hoot Returns Collection by Riley Blake Designs will also make a great blanket for little boys.

Let the other animals join in the fun when you get this graphic animals print on a cream backdrop, also from Riley Blake Designs.


Use owl fabrics for pillowcases, curtains, quilts, and throw pillows to create your own fun themed room.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cyber Monday Fabric & Sewing Pattern Sale Category added

Thank you for your support this year, first and foremost.

This Monday starting at 8am we will mark down prices on fabric by the yard and sewing patterns for those last minute Christmas projects.

                           Link to Cyber Monday 2013 Fabric/Pattern Deals

Childrens Sewing Fabric, Fun Fabric Patterns,  cotton quilting fabric are some of the items that will be in our Cyber Monday exclusive deals category.

Remember, items will be marked down no later than 8am on Monday, December 2, 2013.

                                 Cyber Monday 2013 Fabric/Pattern Deals

We will be adding more inventory before Cyber Monday as well, so feel free to scope out what we have now by clicking on one of the links to our special category for Cyber Monday Fabric and sewing pattern deals.

Please forward or tell you friends about our Cyber Monday Sale !

Enjoy ! & Thank you,


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sewing an Amy Butler Clutch Part 2

It's such a lovely clutch that I almost don't want to use it and get even a speck of dirt on it! The Amy Butler Clutch has been one of the easiest to sew. This article covers how to sew the exterior panels but if you'd like to see the beginning, please visit this post, or see this video.

After cutting everything, applying the interfacing, and copying markings on each piece (see part 1), it's time to get sewing. I used a plum colored thread that would blend in. If you want to add a pop of color, try a contrasting thread instead. Take one of your exterior main panels and make the lines at the top meet. Pin in place. Now sew down that small line. As you can see in the image below, this forms pleats. The image is of the wrong side of the panel.

Iron the pleats so that they lay flat and baste a seam to keep them in place.

You can see in the image below what the wrong side looks like now. Do this for both of the main clutch panels.

The next stem is to take the trim and fold them in half the long way. Iron them to create the nice fold.

You will then pin them to the main panel (on the end with the pleats) and stitch it in place. Before sewing, I realized I had cut the trim from the wrong fabric. luckily, I had enough fabric leftover to cut out the correct one and then simply folded the trim in half, ironed, pinned it, and finally, sewed it in place. Learn from me and don't get distracted when cutting fabric. Measure twice, cut once!

I then attached the yoke, pinning it in place on top of the trim and main panel. Right sides together, I sewed it all together.

Below, you can see the trim in the correct fabric, sandwiched by the yoke and main panel.

Below, you can see what the clutch panel finally looks like. Do this for your other exterior panel as well.

Now you'll be pinning both exterior panels together, right sides facing each other. Match the dots you transferred over. Sew the panels together from the marking on the yoke, to that dot on both ends.

Take the bottom panel and pin it (right sides together) to one of the side exterior panels. Match the dots. Then you'll sew along that edge. This took me a while because I have a hard time sewing around a curve.

Do this for the other side as well.

This is what it will look like. If you turn it right side out, you might do a little dance of excitement like me. It's starting to come together!

The only thing left to do is to clip around the curve. Make sure you DO NOT CUT INTO THE SEAM! It will just make a hole in your lovely clutch!

Want to see the video? Here's the part 2. Did you miss part 1? Check it out at our youtube channel!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to Sew An Amy Butler Clutch ( Part 1)

I recently got the chance to sew the Amy Butler Charm Clutch and I'm very glad I did! Have you ever looked and looked for the perfect purse but can never seem to find it in the perfect style of color? Sewing your own, from a pattern or your own idea, is a great solution and not hard at all. With patterns, you can simply choose a style that you like and then order the fabric you want. It will match any dress, mood, or pair of shoes you own!

The Amy Butler Charm Clutch Pattern comes with a couple options. These range from handles to using a magnetic closure versus a zipper. I chose the latter to make sure items stay inside. The design also gives the option of adding an interior pocket panel and a cell phone pocket.

I received the fabric and pattern is this lovely package via the mail. The fabric was wrapped like a present in happy yellow tissue paper rather than simply being tossed into a box.

For the fabric, I chose these lovely florals that had a plum/burgundy type of base. The first one (left most on the image below) is called Honoka Kiku Claret which had Japanese Style Flowers on a Claret Background. The center of the flowers are a mustard while the details are in the plum color. The second fabric is called Honoku Japanese Blossom created by Anna Griffin. The center is almost a coral color with the lovely plum background. Both fabrics are perfect for fall!

Some think that using a pattern can get complicated with lots of pieces, terms, and instructions that make you wonder if you should retake your 5th grade reading class. This Amy Butler pattern is simple, came in a few pieces, and had easy to understand instructions with diagrams.

After opening the package, and squealing with delight, I set about reading the instructions and making sure I had all my materials ready. The back of the mini folder, where the pattern is contained, lets you know what you need. I purchased a zipper, interfacing of two types, and thread. A few things I had to dig out were: mat to cut on, rotary cutter, scissors (for thread, fabric, and paper), marking utensil, a ruler, and my sewing machine. A few extras? Coffee and music, great for making creative projects! Watch the video below if the following instructions don't really make sense.

The next step is to put your lovely fabric into the washer machine. I washed and dried mine as I normally would any 100% cotton fabric. While I waited for that, I cut out all the paper pattern pieces. Make sure to consistently cut around the items. Don't veer into, or outside the lines since it could cause issues later.

Once the fabric is dry, iron it, then snip off all the threads that have come loose on the ends. Finally, you get to actually cut your fabric and interfacing! BEFORE CUTTING: line up all the paper pieces on the corresponding fabric. If you're lining is a different fabric, make sure your lining paper is on that specific fabric. Double and triple check, pin the paper down, and cut. Mark all the extras such as dots that indicate starting and stopping points, lines for pleats, and measurements.

Now take your interfacing and get ready to cut it too. You can either cut them using the same method above or you could do what I did and iron on the interfacing onto the cut pattern pieces. Then cut around them.

Now take a break, refill your coffee cup, and move on to part 2! That's where I'll explain how to sew the exterior portion of the clutch. If you'd like to get ahead go to our youtube channel and watch the videos: FabricLoversChannel.

Here's what my completed clutch looks like from the outside:

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section, on youtube, our Facebook page, or tweet them to us! Thanks for reading and have a great time sewing!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Tote Bag..( Very Limited Edition) and are donating all proceeds from the sale of our pink medium tote while they last.

SailorBags is donating their wholesale proceeds to the American Cancer Society and we are donating our receipts received over cost to the Stefanie Spielman Fund here in Columbus, OH.

There are a very limited number of these special Pink Tote Bags left nationwide. You can purchase from us or directly from SailorBags website.  Buy a pink sailcloth bag for $53 plus shipping and know that you are helping the cause totally.

These Limited Edition pink medium sailcloth totes will not ship until mid October 2013. You must preorder.

To purchase from click on this link.

To purchase from click here.

If you have any questions, click the link to our website or call or email me.



Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Is Sailcloth And How Do You Care For It?

Ever wanted to feel like a sailor, waterman, or even water lady? Sailcloth might be the cloth for you. I recently found out that this type of fabric is perfect for those of you that love to be on and around water. SailorBags were originally designed to meet the tough standards of sailors, but now have become popular for their fashionable yet practical features. FabricLovers has just started carrying a wide variety of SailorBags including laptop bags, totes and duffels perfect for keeping all your belongings clean, dry and organized.

The Free Dictionary defines sailcloth as "a heavy cotton canvas or strong synthetic fabric used for making sails or tents." Essentially it's cloth that was designed to be used as sails. Sailcloth was normally made from flax, hemp or cotton in various forms including canvas. The word "duck" is usually used when talking about sails. This is because, according to Wikipedia, the Dutch word for cloth is "Doek". When made of linen (flax), the sailcloth had poor resistance to the elements and would rot, be destroyed by the UV light, and absorb water. 

Because cotton was indigenous to the U.S., that's what we typically used for sails, but it didn't become popular worldwide until the use of sails started coming to an end. It was late in the 20th century when synthetics started being preferred  Modern sails are made from synthetics such as nylon, polyester to aramids and carbon fibers. Cotton sailcloth though, is still used for upholstery, draperies, sportswear  and anywhere a heavy duty cloth is required.

Some companies offer recycled sailcloth items, which have been somewhat deteriorated by the elements but SailorBags is a manufacturer that uses their own custom-woven sailcloth while leaving out the resins and chemicals that would ultimately make the cloth stiff and unusable. All the cloth and components are new, not used and deteriorated.

What's also unique about these products is the water-resistant factor. Obviously, any product that has seams will not be completely water proof but SailorBags uses the cloth on the outside as well as a lining that has been coated to be waterproof. Since the bags are made to be around salt water, the zippers are made of marine grade plastic. 

Personally, I think the best part is that SailorBags (with the exception of insulated or padded bags) can be washed on a gentle cycle, with any detergent (as long as it's not bleach). It can also be dried on a low heat although I typically prefer to simply hand my bags upside down. Sailorbags also states that you can pre-soak in dishwasher detergent (about 1/2 cup) with a gallon of water. Then simply add a little vinegar to the final rinse.

SailorBags would be perfect for a high school or college student. They tend to fill their bags and travel more frequently. I remember being in school and having to purchase two backpacks a year because they'd either become so dirty that nothing would fix it or tear easily. My favorites:

The durable red computer bag is made from genuine sailcloth and is as fashionable as it is durable. The linings are waterproof to help keep your laptop safe (Again, think busy college student).With a padded compartment that will hold up to a 17" laptop, an interior section zips closed for important papers and files and two slip in side pockets that are big enough for paper and magazines there is tons of room in this bag. Like all Sailor Bags there are plenty of interior pockets to keep small valuables such as wallets, cell phones and keys safe. Also included is a comfortable shoulder strap. If you are looking for a durable, function-able computer bag, this is for you!

This white large square Duffel Bag is made from a double layer of genuine sailcloth with a waterproof lining. This duffel is made to be tough and to keep contents dry. This duffel is large and meant to carry a weeks worth of clothes. There are plenty of interior pockets and one on the inside too, as well as a shoulder strap for easy carrying. I love this one because I hate carrying lots of different bags when on a road trip. With a bag like this, I simply stick all of my clothing options, makeup, and even a couple pairs of shoes. Perfect!

This blue durable backpack is made from genuine sailcloth and has three large compartments-all with waterproof linings. Handy pockets to keep valuables safe, there is also an outer mesh pocket to keep water bottles or shoes. Great for school, this backpack has plenty of room for textbooks and binders plus room for sports gear and lunch. Wide padded straps and back panel make this pack perfect for all day use.

Whether it's a backpack, tote, duffel bag or messenger bag; FabricLovers has the perfect SailorBag for you!