Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Children's Fabric Sale, New Fabric, Pinterest

Children's Fabric Sale!

One of our most popular categories of fabric is our Children's Prints--it also happens to be one of our largest. So, when we put this category on sale, there's A LOT on sale! You'll want to hurry in now through March 14th so you can save 15% off our Children's fabric! Here's a small sampling:

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9837n.jpg  12049n.jpg
 12050n.jpg  1078n.jpg

New Fabric!

Here's some of the new we've received: 

 11993n.jpg 11992n.jpg 
 11996n.jpg 11995n.jpg
Plus we've put together a lovely Fat Quarter Bundle featuring the above fabrics:

 The Lorax has also arrived! Will you be taking your children or grandchildren to see this Seuss movie? (Or maybe just taking yourself?) 

I'm also loving these new batiks. The colors remind me of tropical waters, and I could use some warming up right now!
7012-60n.jpg    11688n.jpg

Are you on Pinterest? We are!

pinterest_logo_n.jpgI've just discovered Pinterest, and while I don't fully understand how it all works yet, I'm having fun pinning pictures! If you're on Pinterest and posting any kind of fabric or sewing/quilting pictures, I'd love to follow you.

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Happy Sewing!