Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Favorites: From Fabric to Cookies and Everything in Between!

Thank goodness it's Friday and although I'd love to start the weekend right now, there's a few favorites I just have to share with you!

You want to see a guy who can sew his own pants from scratch? Take a look at Peter, author of Male Pattern Boldness and sewing extrordinaire! You can see the entire process from hemlines to button holes. I've never tried sewing pants of any kind but have heard from others that it's hard to get the right fit.

I rent a small townhouse and although it's lovely, there's only so much I can do with the walls. So I've been looking into wallpaper that can be removed without leaving gunk. I coincedently found this post by Joy on A Cup Of Jo. These patterns are amazing and even if done on one wall, it will certainly become a statement piece!

I'm on a diet, but seeing this recipe for Lemonhead Cookies is making me rethink that choice! A Beautiful Mess brings this simple and delicious looking recipe to us, and maybe, just maybe, I can come up with an excuse to make some! I can't wait!

Check out these awesome quilting fabrics! It makes me wish I could go see the ocean! Well, maybe someday. Right after I learn how to swim! The nautical theme would be perfect for sewing a small skirt that would go under the bathroom counter (to hid all the detergents and cleaners). Click on the images to find out more!

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