Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hoot Hoot Hooray! Owl Theme Rooms for Kids

These odd yet adorable creatures of the night have become quite a popular theme for bedrooms and kiddie parties. The owl theme bedroom works for both boys and girls, so if princess or sports themes are too mainstream for you, it's time to give this hootin' style a try. suggests that aside from the main [owl] theme, you also need to decide on what color scheme to follow in order to set a particular mood. Do you want to create a happy, stimulating play place for your kids or you simply want to build a bedroom with a relaxing atmosphere to promote sound sleep? Bright colors create a cheerful atmosphere while darker hues give off a more serene vibe. You may also mix and match colors as you wish to create harmonic shades, following of course the rules from the color wheel.

This first inspiration from features a bright and jolly bedding set with matching curtains. The owl and tree appliques are almost everywhere, embroidered in white, lime, and turquoise cotton fabrics. It has a fun and carefree ambiance that most kids love.

Turn your little girl's room into a neat haven with soft shades of pink and green. The printed owl bedding creates an elaborate look without being too owl-verwhelming. A desk cabinet painted in green is also a cool addition to the room as it draws the feeling closer to nature. Photo from

The nursery below from is one interesting woodsy wonderland. The beautiful color palette of plums and browns has a unifying effect, thus creating a calming atmosphere. Complete the theme with tree and flower wall decals for that extra pizzazz.

Decorating your kids room requires a great deal of effort and creativity. When you're out of resources, you can add just one element and make the rest clean and simple. For example, you can focus on the bed and make it pop, just like this photo below from Make a big owl pillow, then use a printed owl fabric for the bed sheets and blanket. We suggest that you use bold and bright colored fabrics.

You can make your own bedding sets using our available owl-printed fabrics. This Bermuda Owls fabric designed by Ann Kelle is perfect for a child's quilt.

The printed Hoot Roll Call from Hooty Hoot Returns Collection by Riley Blake Designs will also make a great blanket for little boys.

Let the other animals join in the fun when you get this graphic animals print on a cream backdrop, also from Riley Blake Designs.


Use owl fabrics for pillowcases, curtains, quilts, and throw pillows to create your own fun themed room.