Thursday, May 9, 2013

Floral Decor Inspiration for Your Home!

Although my tastes have always run a little on the girly side when it comes to clothing, being married to a guy that likes a more modern style means my house is less floral and more nuetral with simplified lines. No filigree here! But if I had my way, at least one room in the house would be girly! Check out the inspiring images brought to us by Belle Maison.

I adore the wallpaper and the crisp white linens. In my house, white quickly gets colored on by my two-year-old, but hey, I can dream. The key here seems to be wide open windows, otherwise it just looks like great-grandma's house. I jsut wish I were able to have more fresh flowers in the home rather than just candles that mask the fact that the house is upside down with toys, design books, magazines, and the occasional cheerio in between the cushions of the sofa. Ha, I said occasional...

Here's some fabric to inspire your girly side! Try and make a quilt or even a little girl's dress! My daughter is a total tom-boy and hates dresses unless we tell her she gets candy after putting it on. Typical two-year-old!
I love this pattern because, although it's floral, it's also modern and fun. Not in-your-face-pink. Did I mention it's organic?
This one is called Garden Magic and is absolutely gorgeous! The fabric offers a more realistic look versus that graphic floral above.

This last one is "Pink and Khaki Daisies by Jennifer". Really pretty and would make a lovely skirt!

Have you made, worn, or decorated anything girly? Let me know and send us a pic!



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