Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Printed Dish Towel Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a whimsical and lovely dishtowel with your own design! I love this tutorial because it shows you how to create the stamps in your own home rather than purchasing them. The author also got her dish towels at a regular Target, accessible to almost everyone.

This would be a great gift for Mother's Day! You could cut out initials and place those on one or each corner of the towel. You could also purchase small foam letters, often sold to kids, in order to skip the cutting step and get to the printing stage. This is perfect for young kids or adults. Let me know how it goes and send pictures! We'd love to feature your creation the blog!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo: Idea #1

I'll be bringing you ideas on how to celebrate, decorate, and cook Cinco de Mayo! Here's your tutorial on making papel picado (perforated paper). These lovely decorative pieces are easy and fun to make for any celebration including birthdays and mother's day! Make them all one color to complement the decor or multi-colored to show how much fun you want to have. These tutorials are easy to follow. Let me know how it goes!

A lovely tutorial from Happy Thought.
A DIY Garland from Lovely Indeed.
DIY Studio brings you these great streamers!

An Embroidery Tutorial from Miniature Rhino

Embroidery has always seemed like a mystical experiment that I would never be able to recreate. I tried it once. The flowers ended up lopsided and wilted against the crisp white fabric. Wilted, similar to that of my hopes for a lovely handkerchief that had been intended as a mother's day gift. But I believe my interest to return to embroidery has been sparked by this tutorial by Jessica, from the blog Miniature Rhino.

She creates a stunning piece that can be used in many applications and, as mother's day is coming soon, can even be used to create a one of a kind gift for anyone who enjoys star gazing. "One of the things I love about french knots is how three-dimensional they are," says Jessica. I must agree. There's something extra special about a raised detail on any project.

Use this tutorial on a pre-made runner or on some fabric that can later be used in your quilt, on a handbag, or even make a large table cloth. You can see the tutorial here.

Do any of you have any tips for beginner embroiders? What about favorite tutorials that we can feature?

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Daily STASH Deal,...like it or not?

If you look at our store, you will see a new Category called the "The Daily STASH Deal".  It is one fabric at an amazing price for around 24 hours give or take. 

It is one bolt, so when it is gone, well, it is gone.

We would really like your input on this concept. Some may think is fun, some not..

We tweet out a link and post on Facebook at around 7am EST USA every day except Sunday.  Saturday's "Daily STASH Deal" will stay active until Monday if it is not all bought before then.

Follow "The Daily STASH Deal"  at @DailyStashDeal on Twitter or Facebook/Fabriclovers.

If you have a better idea, or a way to make this one better, I will always try to accommodate.

Post a comment on Facebook, email me Beth@fabriclovers.com, or call me.


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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Favorites: Tutorials and Exposed Zippers

Thank goodness it's Friday! Here's a review of things I've loved this week:

The girl's at A Beautiful Mess have brought us this wonderful tutorial for "Double Dip Dyed Napkin Set". It's wonderful and lets me know that although it's still cold where I'm at, summer is just around the corner. This napkin set would be wonderful to use on a picnic or backyard party! Just watch out for those pesky children covered in ketchup!

From Male Pattern Boldness comes a discussion on exposed zippers. I had no idea that this had been around since the 1930's! I personally think exposed zippers are great as long as they're nice and compliment the design of the clothing, especially when they're in a different color than the fabric. Why else would you expose them if you won't flaunt them? What do you think?

Have you ever wanted to hem your own pants? This young lady shows us how and makes it extremely easy. Just make sure you get a needle for denim. I broke many needles before deciding I needed one.

Prepare yourself for those hot summer days with this tutorial for a flirty cocktail dress. Perfect for summer barbecues!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Make an Apron for Beginners

Would you like a weekend project? Here's a easy tutorial for making a simple apron by Corrine's Thread on the Purl Bee. It's easy enough to finish in one sitting and can easily be adapted as a child's crafting apron!

As you can see the tutorial isn't difficult at all. Make sure to know where the apron will by used. You wouldn't want to make a lightweight apron for a hobby like woodworking.

The tutorial features Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Here are some other fabric ideas for your apron!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Introducing: Beth!

A mom of two Shelties and a novice seamstress, I’m the proud new owner of FabricLovers.com. Having been taught the basics of sewing by my mother, and inspired by my mother-in-law’s ability to create beautiful hand-stitched quilts, I’ve decided to start up again. You might even be able to see my attempts at certain projects! When not working, sewing, or shopping for handbags and shoes, you can find me hiking, agility dog training, and reading by our tiny gold fishpond.

I get my inspiration for sewing projects from quilting magazines, online catalogs, and just looking around my house to see what needs updating. Now, with all this fabric around, it’s even more tempting to completely fill our home with projects like handbags, quilts, and throw pillows! 

I love my new Brother 9500 Project Runway Sewing machine!  It is great for someone who has not done any real projects for, ....well a long time.

Check out my current favorite fabrics, in stock and ready for any project!

Lobster Blues, by Michael Miller, is a lovely contrast of blue against a crisp white background. I’m thinking that it’d look great as dining room seat covers.

The Citrus Slice, also by Michael Miller, is the perfect reminder of passing hot summer days on the front porch with a large glass of cold lemonade. 

My last favorite is Garden Magic by South Seas. Why? Simply because I adore Daisies!

Stay tuned for upcoming articles on what I’m working on, interviews with creative folks, and a lot more!

Friday, April 12, 2013

We are now open...

We are loading fabric now...

It will take a while to get everything online.

I appreciate your patience.

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