Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites: Fabric, Quilts, And Summer Fun!

TGIF! This week has been so full of work for me. The best part? I got to hang out with Beth and go over potential fabric and pattern choices for the next couple of weeks! I can't wait! We might also be getting kits for those of you like me who want to receive everything you need and not have to hunt through a store for the correct color thread.

This week I found a great article for those of you who get bogged down by stress and start feeling lost. 22 Things Happy People Do Differently gives you a guide to being happy. Some of them, like not holding grudges, I find very hard to finish but I do try to treat everyone with kindness and try to choose my true friends wisely. I think some of these are harder than others but it's a great read.

Check out Sally! She's a darling and makes super cute baby items like bibs, ties, and even fabric diaper covers! She's an amateur photographer and has been sewing for over thirty years! Love these mustache fabric bibs!

She actually made them from these fabrics (click on them for more details):

If, unlike me, your not on a diet, you have to make these! These Kirby Macaroons are perfect for a party and will be loved by all that remember who Kirby actually is. Now if only I could find fabric with Kirby on it...

On another note: I've started my quilt! Don't miss the first post and expect another one next week. any tips or tricks to share? Comment below! Thanks in advance.

Know someone graduating soon? This article is the perfect guide for what not to get! I stick with gift cards for grocery stores. Although not attractive or romantic, anyone who graduates will need money to pay off student loans (if graduating from college) or money to live off of in school (high school going onto college).

I've never made a bucket list. I've made to do lists full of sad faces and hopes of having free time to just sew, draw, or paint. But now, I've decided to create one! Stay tuned next week to see my Summer 2013 Bucket List! Meanwhile, here's how to make (and print) your own!

Has anyone been redecorating? I haven't had too much time for more than rearranging, and being donated a length mirror as well as new dining table. I read this article and it really made me want to buy some lovely paint, build some shelves, and install new carpeting! Well maybe not the carpet, but close to it!

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