Monday, July 15, 2013

Purchasing a Rotary Cutter

After making my first quilt and realizing that scissors just don't work well when there's lots of fabric to cut (my hand got tired) I finally decided to purchase a rotary cutter. I researched a bit before purchasing and this is what I found out.

Rotary cutters come in different sizes from about 18 mm to 60 mm in diameter. I was told, by a kind woman at the store, that the larger the blade, the easier it'll be to cut through fabric and that I only need the smaller blades to cut things that require curves.

As for the handles, companies seem to have their own version of ergonomics and I wanted to try them all out. Unfortunately, the store sold them packaged, so I used my imagination.

I learned that Rotary cutters should have a safety. All the ones I saw being sold offered this but I really hope that if you're in the market to purchase one, you'll search for one with the safety latch. I wouldn't want my 2 year old or anyone else getting cut.

I already have a self healing mat from my days as a product design student so I avoided purchasing a kit that included the rotary cutter, mat, and acrylic ruler. I wasn't sure if I would need an acrylic ruler though. I purchased a low cost one. Hopefully, straight cuts will give me straight stitches!

Eventually, I ended up buying a basic rotary cutter by Fiskars. It was within my budget and seemed basic enough for me to use. I plan on purchasing a blade sharpener in the future.

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