Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Favorites: Sabra, Wallet Patterns, and a Scrap Fabric Pillow

From a post by Sabra to our new video featuring a pillow sewed with scrap Fabric, it's been quite a week! We even have a new wallet pattern available for you to try your hand at!

Sabra has posted her update and boy, has she been busy! She used this pattern to make these lovely wallets!

Sabra: "I must say the Wonder Wallet pattern by Lazy Girl Designs is one of my favorites! It's so fast and easy, and uses so little fabric, I make one to go with every purse from the scraps I have left over. I also love that they hold loose change, and the change doesn't fall out!"

Here's an image of the pattern. It's available at Fabriclovers.

A special thanks goes to  Joan from Lazy Girl Designs! She mentioned us on her Facebook and Twitter pages. Check out her Facebook page!

Another thanks goes to one of our fans for pointing out that the image used in our Rotary Cutter post was wrong. Please see her video on how to properly hold a cutter without hurting yourself.

I've finished my second project. I created a pillow using the scraps left over from my very first quilt. You can see the video detailing the finishing touches below.

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