Monday, July 8, 2013

Making Curtains for Marjorie


My mother in law Marjorie has spent her life sewing and quilting. She has made me countless curtains, quilts, placemats as well as mending and hemming some of my clothes.  Well, it's my turn to help her out and make a curtain for her kitchen.  Her kitchen has a lot of neutral colors, so I thought a nice pop of color in a cool print might be nice.  One of my favorite cotton fabrics by the yard is Citrus Slice by Michael Miller Fabrics.  How perfect for a kitchen!


She has a single small window above her sink so my first curtain should be easy (hopefully)!


My first step was to measure the width of the window.  Her window measured 30" wide. The directions I read said I would need to double the width plus add an inch for either side. That made my total width 62".  Then I measured the length of the window  (20") and added 2 inches.   That seemed pretty easy.  So I carefully cut my fabric! 

My first step was to turn in the sides of the fabric 1", pin and sew the sides.


My  next step was to turn the top of the fabric under 1 1/2 " pin and sew to create the 2" pocket for the curtain rod. 



I  decided I wanted to add even more color, (and actually a little more length) so I cho se a beautiful Kona Solid- Orange cotton fabric.  I cut a 3 inch strip of Kona Orange, sewed  (what I hoped) was a 1/4 inch seam, and sewed the raw edge of the fabric to the bottom of the curtain bottom. Then I ironed the seam.

The end result was a beautiful curtain that my mother in law said was flawless. HaHa!


 One thing I did learn is that sometimes directions are not flawless, and I need to think through what I'm doing and re read directions before starting.  The directions I had, told me to sew the top pocket seam first and then sew the sides.  Well, I did as directed, and when it was time to sew the side seams I had to stop where the pocket started, resulting in the pocket portion being a raw edge. Live and Learn!!  Sewing and quilting is an art; and a science!!!

Enjoy !,



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