Monday, April 29, 2013

The Daily STASH Deal, it or not?

If you look at our store, you will see a new Category called the "The Daily STASH Deal".  It is one fabric at an amazing price for around 24 hours give or take. 

It is one bolt, so when it is gone, well, it is gone.

We would really like your input on this concept. Some may think is fun, some not..

We tweet out a link and post on Facebook at around 7am EST USA every day except Sunday.  Saturday's "Daily STASH Deal" will stay active until Monday if it is not all bought before then.

Follow "The Daily STASH Deal"  at @DailyStashDeal on Twitter or Facebook/Fabriclovers.

If you have a better idea, or a way to make this one better, I will always try to accommodate.

Post a comment on Facebook, email me, or call me.


855-MY-QUILT (855-697-8458)


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