Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Introducing: Beth!

A mom of two Shelties and a novice seamstress, I’m the proud new owner of Having been taught the basics of sewing by my mother, and inspired by my mother-in-law’s ability to create beautiful hand-stitched quilts, I’ve decided to start up again. You might even be able to see my attempts at certain projects! When not working, sewing, or shopping for handbags and shoes, you can find me hiking, agility dog training, and reading by our tiny gold fishpond.

I get my inspiration for sewing projects from quilting magazines, online catalogs, and just looking around my house to see what needs updating. Now, with all this fabric around, it’s even more tempting to completely fill our home with projects like handbags, quilts, and throw pillows! 

I love my new Brother 9500 Project Runway Sewing machine!  It is great for someone who has not done any real projects for, ....well a long time.

Check out my current favorite fabrics, in stock and ready for any project!

Lobster Blues, by Michael Miller, is a lovely contrast of blue against a crisp white background. I’m thinking that it’d look great as dining room seat covers.

The Citrus Slice, also by Michael Miller, is the perfect reminder of passing hot summer days on the front porch with a large glass of cold lemonade. 

My last favorite is Garden Magic by South Seas. Why? Simply because I adore Daisies!

Stay tuned for upcoming articles on what I’m working on, interviews with creative folks, and a lot more!


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