Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Favorites: Tutorials and Exposed Zippers

Thank goodness it's Friday! Here's a review of things I've loved this week:

The girl's at A Beautiful Mess have brought us this wonderful tutorial for "Double Dip Dyed Napkin Set". It's wonderful and lets me know that although it's still cold where I'm at, summer is just around the corner. This napkin set would be wonderful to use on a picnic or backyard party! Just watch out for those pesky children covered in ketchup!

From Male Pattern Boldness comes a discussion on exposed zippers. I had no idea that this had been around since the 1930's! I personally think exposed zippers are great as long as they're nice and compliment the design of the clothing, especially when they're in a different color than the fabric. Why else would you expose them if you won't flaunt them? What do you think?

Have you ever wanted to hem your own pants? This young lady shows us how and makes it extremely easy. Just make sure you get a needle for denim. I broke many needles before deciding I needed one.

Prepare yourself for those hot summer days with this tutorial for a flirty cocktail dress. Perfect for summer barbecues!


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