Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Embroidery Tutorial from Miniature Rhino

Embroidery has always seemed like a mystical experiment that I would never be able to recreate. I tried it once. The flowers ended up lopsided and wilted against the crisp white fabric. Wilted, similar to that of my hopes for a lovely handkerchief that had been intended as a mother's day gift. But I believe my interest to return to embroidery has been sparked by this tutorial by Jessica, from the blog Miniature Rhino.

She creates a stunning piece that can be used in many applications and, as mother's day is coming soon, can even be used to create a one of a kind gift for anyone who enjoys star gazing. "One of the things I love about french knots is how three-dimensional they are," says Jessica. I must agree. There's something extra special about a raised detail on any project.

Use this tutorial on a pre-made runner or on some fabric that can later be used in your quilt, on a handbag, or even make a large table cloth. You can see the tutorial here.

Do any of you have any tips for beginner embroiders? What about favorite tutorials that we can feature?


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