Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautiful Batik Fabric..(in just about 3 minutes or so...)

Every wonder why Batiks are always different?  The process is so unique and "free hand".  It is no wonder why any yard of batik fabric never looks the same.

We found a video on the manufacturing process by MODA fabrics, on how they manufacture Batiks. (We do not carry MODA batiks at this time.)

In about the first 3 - 5 minutes of viewing this YouTube video you will get a feel for how labor intensive and unique the making of this cotton fabric by the yard really is...

We posted a video on the FabricLovers homepage of a recent batik order so you could have a better idea of how dynamic, unique and pretty Batik fabric can be...of course if you have used batiks in your sewing projects or in making a quilt---you already know this.

"get sewing"




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