Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break Fabric Craft Ideas

Flowers, bunnies, and eggs are significant symbols of the Spring season. If you're planning to add some Spring-inspired decors into your home, check out these fabric crafts from that you can do during the spring break.

This Fabric Easter Basket would be perfect for display. It can hold just about anything including dyed easter eggs and flowers. This project uses cotton filler cord as piping, and wrapped with fabric strips in bright pastels.

This would make an adorable Easter gift! Create stuffed carrots in green and orange colors using fabric scraps. Combine different patterns together and stuff them with cotton. Grab a stuffed bunny and attach the carrots to its belly.

Recycle your water bottles and let them be used as molds for these braided easter eggs. Find fabric scraps in pastels and springtime colors. Next, braid fabric strips and wrapped them around the mold. Place braided eggs inside a basket.

Bunny or egg? These fabric bunny eggs may seem to complicated to do but they'd definitely get the attention of your guests this Easter. The materials needed are styrofoam eggs, serrated knife, fabric squares, embroidery floss, glue, pinking shears, small hats, pom poms for nose, beads for eyes, small baskets, easter grass, small easter eggs, and ribbons and trims to decorate hat. has a wide variety of fabrics perfect for Spring. You may check out a few from the FabricLovers Shop.


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