Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quilting Blenders Make a Well-Balanced Fabric Stash

Whether you're new to quilting or you've been obsessed with it for years, you will need to stock up on quilt supplies to help you make quilts with ease. You surely don't want to be interrupted in the middle of your work just because you've run out of blender fabrics to fill up the gaps.

When you plan on making a quilt, you will need a fabric stash full of different prints and colors. To make the most out of your stash, you have to develop a keen eye for versatile fabrics. These versatile fabrics called quilting blenders will help you to easily connect or match different fabrics.

Quilting blenders are fabrics that blend well with other prints in a quilt. These are mostly monochromatic (though not solid in color) but a bit mottled, or have an abstract, tone on tone, or washed appearance. The photo below from Craftsy.com is a perfect example of a blender.

This Basic Baby Quilt by ThirtyHandmadeDays.com used quilting blenders in green, turquoise, brown, and yellow shades aside from the main animal-printed fabric. It is a good idea to include blenders into the quilt because it makes the main fabric stand out.

FabricLovers.com has a variety a quilting blenders in different shades. These blenders effectively add depth and texture to any quilting project and makes it more beautiful. The quilting blenders are currently on sale so now's the perfect time to grab them and add them to your ever growing fabric collection.

Shades of burgundys and reds for a bold statement

Oceanic Blue shades

Purple Tones for a quilt worthy of royalty

Blender fabric in Olive tones


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