Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Is Sailcloth And How Do You Care For It?

Ever wanted to feel like a sailor, waterman, or even water lady? Sailcloth might be the cloth for you. I recently found out that this type of fabric is perfect for those of you that love to be on and around water. SailorBags were originally designed to meet the tough standards of sailors, but now have become popular for their fashionable yet practical features. FabricLovers has just started carrying a wide variety of SailorBags including laptop bags, totes and duffels perfect for keeping all your belongings clean, dry and organized.

The Free Dictionary defines sailcloth as "a heavy cotton canvas or strong synthetic fabric used for making sails or tents." Essentially it's cloth that was designed to be used as sails. Sailcloth was normally made from flax, hemp or cotton in various forms including canvas. The word "duck" is usually used when talking about sails. This is because, according to Wikipedia, the Dutch word for cloth is "Doek". When made of linen (flax), the sailcloth had poor resistance to the elements and would rot, be destroyed by the UV light, and absorb water. 

Because cotton was indigenous to the U.S., that's what we typically used for sails, but it didn't become popular worldwide until the use of sails started coming to an end. It was late in the 20th century when synthetics started being preferred  Modern sails are made from synthetics such as nylon, polyester to aramids and carbon fibers. Cotton sailcloth though, is still used for upholstery, draperies, sportswear  and anywhere a heavy duty cloth is required.

Some companies offer recycled sailcloth items, which have been somewhat deteriorated by the elements but SailorBags is a manufacturer that uses their own custom-woven sailcloth while leaving out the resins and chemicals that would ultimately make the cloth stiff and unusable. All the cloth and components are new, not used and deteriorated.

What's also unique about these products is the water-resistant factor. Obviously, any product that has seams will not be completely water proof but SailorBags uses the cloth on the outside as well as a lining that has been coated to be waterproof. Since the bags are made to be around salt water, the zippers are made of marine grade plastic. 

Personally, I think the best part is that SailorBags (with the exception of insulated or padded bags) can be washed on a gentle cycle, with any detergent (as long as it's not bleach). It can also be dried on a low heat although I typically prefer to simply hand my bags upside down. Sailorbags also states that you can pre-soak in dishwasher detergent (about 1/2 cup) with a gallon of water. Then simply add a little vinegar to the final rinse.

SailorBags would be perfect for a high school or college student. They tend to fill their bags and travel more frequently. I remember being in school and having to purchase two backpacks a year because they'd either become so dirty that nothing would fix it or tear easily. My favorites:

The durable red computer bag is made from genuine sailcloth and is as fashionable as it is durable. The linings are waterproof to help keep your laptop safe (Again, think busy college student).With a padded compartment that will hold up to a 17" laptop, an interior section zips closed for important papers and files and two slip in side pockets that are big enough for paper and magazines there is tons of room in this bag. Like all Sailor Bags there are plenty of interior pockets to keep small valuables such as wallets, cell phones and keys safe. Also included is a comfortable shoulder strap. If you are looking for a durable, function-able computer bag, this is for you!

This white large square Duffel Bag is made from a double layer of genuine sailcloth with a waterproof lining. This duffel is made to be tough and to keep contents dry. This duffel is large and meant to carry a weeks worth of clothes. There are plenty of interior pockets and one on the inside too, as well as a shoulder strap for easy carrying. I love this one because I hate carrying lots of different bags when on a road trip. With a bag like this, I simply stick all of my clothing options, makeup, and even a couple pairs of shoes. Perfect!

This blue durable backpack is made from genuine sailcloth and has three large compartments-all with waterproof linings. Handy pockets to keep valuables safe, there is also an outer mesh pocket to keep water bottles or shoes. Great for school, this backpack has plenty of room for textbooks and binders plus room for sports gear and lunch. Wide padded straps and back panel make this pack perfect for all day use.

Whether it's a backpack, tote, duffel bag or messenger bag; FabricLovers has the perfect SailorBag for you!


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