Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Runaround Bag Pattern Review

I'm getting ready to go on a trip, and when I travel, I like to travel LIGHT.  I'm just not the kind of person that packs everything, including the kitchen sink. I'll admit, I used to stress for weeks before any trips wondering what I might forget, but thankfully I'm over that! In fact, we'll be going out of the country for 4 nights, and I'm only planning on packing a carry-on bag. No airline bag fees for me! LOL 

Anyway, for my travels, I just LOVE the Runaround Bag Pattern by Lazy Girl Designs. It's small and LIGHT and holds the essentials like money, drivers license, passport, lipstick (a definite must-have!) with the bonus of being zippered and hanging across my body for extra security.  I've traveled many places with my old Runaround, but I was ready for a new one. So, I thought since it's been about 2 years since I made one, it would be a great time to review the pattern since it would be like making it for the first time.

To start off with, this pattern requires very little fabric. Two fat quarters, and you've got enough! I raided my stash and found a striped fat quarter and about a 1/4 yard of the purple, and after cutting, I had fabric left over for a Wonder Wallet (more on that pattern later!). The pieces for the bag are cut by rotary cutter, instead of actual pattern pieces, so it's really easy. One word of caution--if you have directional fabric, be sure to cut according to her Directional Fabric directions in the pattern. (See NOTE below)

Front of my Runaround

The pattern directions are very easy to follow, and putting the zipper in is a snap! You'll be so proud of yourself with how professional it looks, and how easy it was! When sewing all the parts together the designer, Joan Hawley, recommends a walking foot, and I would second that. It's do-able with a regular sewing foot, but the walking foot keeps everything even as it feeds it through your machine.

There are several ideas for adding some pizazz to your bag. She suggests using one of your sewing machine's decorative stitches for the topstitching on the back pocket, adding decorative buttons to the front, and/or using a fun zipper pull.  If you have an embroidery machine, the front lends itself well to that. I would complete a bag without embroidery first, though, so you know how to orient your embroidery as the bag goes together differently than you might expect.

I should have timed exactly how long the whole process took me, but I didn't. I'm guessing it was about an hour or two, as I had several interruptions while I was working. I love things that are quick and easy and offer a great finished product!

Back of my Runaround--the striped fabric is actually a pocket!

THINGS I LIKED:  Fast, easy, uses very little fabric, great directions, good ideas to add some of your own personality to it.

THINGS I CHANGED:  I always like to double stitch areas that have extra strain on them, so I double stitched the zipper edges and where the strap connects to the bag. I also clipped the corners before turning the bag right-side out so my corners would be crisper.

NOTE on directional fabric:  Why my word of caution on cutting with directional fabric?  Because I forgot it myself! Yes, I had "auditioned" my striped fabric with the stripes going horizontal or vertical. I really liked the vertical stripes and that's how I was going to cut the fabric. I reminded myself of that all day, BUT when it was time to cut the fabric, I cut without thinking. SO . . . now my purse has horizontal stripes. Oh well. I still really like it, but I would have liked it even better with vertical stripes! LOL 

Buy the pattern HERE.

I'd love to hear your comments on the Runaround Pattern if you've used it before!


  1. Your choice of colors is fantastic... love this...

    1. Thanks Debbie! I really liked the striped fabric, too, and the yellow zipper and purple top just make the stripes pop.