Friday, April 15, 2011

Totally Off Topic!

Yes, I am straying far, far away from fabric today, but sometimes you need to, right? Anyway, I just couldn't help myself. Yesterday while shopping at Costco, I came across Mystic Pizza in the frozen section. So? you may be asking yourself. Well, some of you may remember the movie with Julia Roberts back in the late 80's that made the restaurant immortal. Interesting movie, but that's not why I HAD to get a box. You see, I grew up about 20 minutes from Mystic in Connecticut, and since I've been living in California for 15 years, it's a BIG deal! lol  I think it was a bit of nostalgia that lead me to grab the box (plus it does look yummy!), but the funniest part is I've only eaten at Mystic Pizza once in my whole life, and I don't even remember if I liked it or not. But it will be fun to smell the pizza cooking and reminisce about the "olden days" when I used to enjoy visiting Mystic with all of it's charms. (I really hated the tourist traffic though! It could get almost as bad as going through New York City some days--well maybe not quite, but locals have very little tolerance for tourist traffic.) Come to think of it, I'll be visiting my family back there this summer--can't wait! Maybe I'll have to pop in to Mystic Pizza and try it again, and then I can be part of the tourist traffic. :-) 

How about you--have you ever bought anything because it brought back memories?


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