Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mission Accomplished: Total Surprise!

SeaVenture Hotel, Pismo Beach, CA
Our Room--Rose petals on floor!
YUM! We devoured 2 before I could take a pic!

Breakfast delivered to our room in lovely basket

Ever tried to keep a secret from your significant other--especially when 3 kids are in on it? Well, our 15 year anniversary is this week, but we were booked up for the next few weekends with "stuff", so hubby had resigned himself to just eating out on our anniversary as there was no way to fit in a get-away. That's when I decided I would see if I could surprise him!

The only thing I could "wiggle" out of was my piano-playing with the worship team for church this Sunday, so I got an excused absence from the leader. That was the start. For the hotel, I decided to go with one of our favorites, the SeaVenture in Pismo Beach, CA.

Since I was feeling especially giddy about how surprised my husband would be, I also booked the Anniversary Package which included rose petals, a long stem rose, balloons, a bottle of wine, and breakfast in bed. Now it was time to keep it under wraps!

View from our balcony
Finally the big day came, and none of the kids (or myself!) had "spilled the beans" and told him. But now it was time to tell him, and I still hadn't decided how. My middle daughter and I had whispered conversations all morning trying to figure it out. She suggested I just pack stuff, stick it in the trunk when he wasn't looking, then somehow get him to go with me. That's exactly what ended up happening, although I was scared he would look in the bathroom and see the toothbrushes, etc, missing and figure something was up.

Surfer with Pismo Beach Pier in background
We decided to get some fresh air by going to get some coffee, and I had to convince him to take my car since that's where the suitcase was! After coffee, we headed back to the car, where I programed the hotel's address into our GPS. He was busy talking and didn't even notice! As we're leaving the parking lot, he said, "Do you want to go anywhere else?" and right then, the GPS spoke up and said, "Take second left." I said, "Follow the GPS!"

Sand dollar on beach
He was totally clueless as to where we were going, and even when we arrived, he thought I had only made dinner reservations. It was great to see his face when I told him I had booked a room. One of those "priceless" moments in life. :-)

Pismo Beach
So, hope you enjoy the pictures of our hotel and of Pismo Beach. Do you have any Surprises you'd like to share?


  1. You did a great job on the surprise. It was fun to read about it even though it happened a while ago.

  2. @BonnieThanks Bonnie! It was SOOO much fun keeping the secret and finally surprising him. BTW, thanks for the link from your blog to mine on the cotton prices post I did. Hope you get some good sewing in today!